The Warsaw Workshop on Formal Truth Theories
will be held at the University of Warsaw, Poland (Department of Logic, Institute of Philosophy) on September 28-30, 2017. The workshop is organized as part of the project Formal truth theories financed by the National Science Centre, Poland (NCN).

The notion of truth has been a long-standing centre of attention for logicians, philosophers and mathematicians. In particular, the logical properties of formal theories of truth have been revealed to be relevant to various philosophical questions, such as to discussions on deflationism, sources of semantic paradoxes, philosophical foundations of arithmetic, and many others. In view of this, numbers of aspects of axiomatic and semantic theories of truth have been extensively studied from various angles.
The present Warsaw Workshop on Formal Truth Theories will contribute to the efforts having as their purpose a deeper understanding of the concept of truth. The aim of the meeting is to bring together researchers in logic, philosophy and mathematics addressing a wide range of truth-related topics in order to maintain common ground for new research, to discuss latest results and work in progress and to simply foster cooperation of researchers studying the notion of truth from different perspectives.

The scope of the workshop topics includes model-theoretic versus axiomatic approaches to truth, syntactic and model-theoretic (non)conservativity of axiomatic truth theories, the strength of reflection principles in axiomatic theories of truth, properties of satisfaction classes (in particular, weakly inductive satisfaction classes) in models of arithmetic, semantic paradoxes and their solutions, classical and non-classical logic in truth and satisfaction theories, the relation between formal truth theories and the philosophical standpoints on truth (such as deflationism, correspondence theory, epistemic conceptions), the role of the notion of truth – what philosophical and practical purposes it serves and how these purposes are achieved in various formal truth theories.